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Animal Assisted Therapy

The percentage of North Carolina residents struggling with addiction continuously rises each year. Now more than ever individuals need creative solutions to begin living healthier lifestyles. Fortunately, animal-assisted therapy is an extremely effective addiction treatment method. Understanding the benefits of this modality will help you decide if it’s something that could work for you.

How Animal-Assisted Therapy Helps

/By using animals in therapy, people struggling with mental illness, stress, and physical discomfort are able to relax. Animals make many people feel safe and the unconditional affection from a cat or dog can be calming. For individuals who are withdrawn or isolate themselves, animal therapy can be therapeutically socializing as well. Additionally, for those suffering from past trauma or extreme stress, the presence of a furry friend is extremely beneficial. Not to mention, being in addiction treatment can be embarrassing, and those in recovery may find that animal therapy works to lessen their shame. Above all, the relief that animal-assisted therapy provides may reduce the chances of experiencing harmful triggers that cause anxiety attacks and relapse.

Additional Benefits

Pet therapy uses trained animals who visit a treatment facility for additional therapeutic benefits. This form of animal therapy helps many individuals produce stress-relieving hormones. These hormones contribute to greater emotional health and stability. Furthermore, animal-assisted therapy uses trained social workers and counselors who involve animals in their practice. This specific industry includes a variety of pets. The two most common forms of animal therapy are canine-assisted and equine-assisted. Working with dogs, for instance, is beneficial because canines help people learn how to relate. For example, interacting with a dog requires interest and focus, creating a positive, motivational environment. Not to mention, they’re easy to train, so they can be taught how to help people who need it. Thus, they quickly calm overwhelming environments, creating more comfortable settings.

Traveling For Animal-Assisted Therapy

Many people travel for addiction treatment. Fortunately, this allows you to distance yourself from everyday life’s triggers. Away from problematic people or places that may cause relapse, you’ll focus entirely on healing. Outside of your daily surroundings, you’re able to build effective skills for maintaining sobriety. Red Oak Recovery® in Leicester, NC is a men’s addiction treatment and drug rehab facility with professional staff ready to immediately assist you. Additionally, our facility offers comprehensive, holistic care as well as fully customizable treatment plans. We’ll help you break free from the following substances:

There’s no better time than now to begin working toward a healthier lifestyle. Call Red Oak Recovery® in Leicester, NC, today at 866.457.7590 to begin renewing your life. Your first step is simply a phone call away.