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Fitness Therapy

We have all seen the television shows about interventions. At the end of each program, you see an update on the individual’s recovery. Without fail, that person who once looked haggard, unhealthy, and beaten down by drugs or alcohol returns triumphant, looking healthy and vibrant. Your fitness therapy at Red Oak Recovery® helps you bring your own triumphant end to your unhealthy past, for a new beginning in lasting wellness.

What is Fitness Therapy at Red Oak Recovery®?

man running during fitness therapyFitness therapy is one method used in a quality mix of addiction treatment methods and therapies at Red Oak Recovery®. In this Leicester, NC treatment, you learn how to build physical fitness and maintain it for greater success in sobriety. When you invest in your physical self, you respect your body and build a greater desire to maintain its wellness. This helps keep you away from your substances and relapse. Fitness therapy does not take the place of other types of treatment. You still need an array of talk therapies, individual therapy, group sessions, clinical approaches, and recreational methods. Only through a well-rounded approach do you gain lasting healing for your body, mind, and spirit. In fitness therapy, you follow the guidance of your therapist to improve your physical health, stamina, and appearance. This type of therapy is one providing visible results. You gain almost instant gratification in your early recovery, seeing the benefits of your hard work. This rewards you and keeps you motivated on your path to complete wellness.

Do I Need Fitness Programs in Rehab?

After substance use, everyone needs greater wellness to support healthy, lasting recovery. Your body has long carried the damages and toxins of your drug or alcohol use. One of your primary objectives in treatment is to return to the good health you need to feel great, look great, and maintain life balance. When you feel a sense of pride in your appearance, you treat yourself better. This self-respect builds and serves a great purpose in relapse prevention. Fitness in recovery also helps you form a solid foundation of new friends and social connections, based on your chosen fitness activities. Fitness does not have to limit you to a life in the gym. If you enjoy going to the gym, that provides a great venue for achieving maximum wellness. But if you do not see a future with this activity, fitness in rehab prepares you mentally and physically for your own chosen activities. This opens doors to the outdoor recreation and adventure you long for, after your treatment at Red Oak Recovery®’s men’s rehab center in North Carolina.

What Other Types of Therapy Do I Need, Besides Fitness Therapy?

Addiction treatment programs at Red Oak Recovery® make your path to recovery clear. You work on your sobriety among other men just like you, gaining the support and camaraderie of others traveling the same path. For each individual in treatment at Red Oak Recovery®, caring professionals and addiction counselors build individualized treatment plans. These plans form the foundation of your treatment using available therapies and methods. Besides fitness, other therapies, services, and programs that complete your individualized treatment plan may include:

  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Trauma-informed psychiatric services
  • A hybrid program combining adventure and clinical approaches
  • Nutritional evaluation and therapy
  • Eco-therapy and gardening
  • Individual and group therapy
  • CBT and other behavioral therapies

The men’s programs at Red Oak Recovery® and women’s programs at The Willows help you bring balance and wellness into your daily living as part of addiction recovery. Your fitness therapy, nutrition therapy, and adventure-based therapies form the foundation of a new, healthier way of life. Learn more about available programs for men ages 18 to 30 by calling Red Oak Recovery® near Asheville now at 866-457-7590.