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Best Mental Health Facilities in NC

If you’re searching for the best mental health facilities in NC, you may have a loved one who is displaying troublesome behavior. In situations where mental illness and addiction occur together, care must be taken to address the nature of both issues. But how do you know when help is necessary?

Why are Addiction and Mental Illness Often Connected?

couple entering one of the best mental health facilities in ncFinding the best mental health facilities in NC requires a deeper understanding of the connection between mental illness and addiction. These problems often exist together. For many people, experiencing mental illness is a socially isolating and scary event. As a result, these individuals may attempt to handle the stress of their condition by using addictive substances. Sadly, this often results in the development of addiction, which also requires treatment.

Recognizing Signs of a Dual Diagnosis

To find the best mental health facilities in NC, you need to be aware of the signs of a dual diagnosis. A dual diagnosis is a situation where a person is facing mental illness and addiction at the same time. Look at the following list of possible signs of this complicated problem:

  • Changes in personality– Personality differences are often a primary clue regarding mental illnesses and addiction issues. A previously withdrawn individual may become aggressive or demanding. Alternatively, someone who was once outgoing may become quiet and reserved.
  • Secrecy and isolation– Those dealing with a mental health condition may work hard to hide specific behaviors. They usually don’t want their loved ones to become concerned about their well-being. Social isolation and a loss of interest in favorite activities are also common problems.
  • Mood swings– Swinging between various contradictory moods can also be a sign of both mental illness and addiction issues. Some people may alternate between periods of happiness, despair, anxiety, anger, or aggression. There may not be a specific event that triggers the switch between emotions.
  • Criminal behaviors– People affected by a mental illness or addiction may have trouble showing proper decision-making skills. As a result, they might start to engage in dangerous or self-defeating actions. Some people even get involved in illegal activities that get them into trouble.
  • Physical changes– Most people who experience a severe addiction or mental health condition will go through changes in their physical appearance. These changes could include weight loss, skin problems, dark circles under the eyes, or a loss of interest in personal cleanliness.
  • Inability to meet responsibilities– Everyone has obligations that have become almost second nature to perform. Those struggling with an addiction or mental health condition may suddenly be unable to deal with the most basic daily responsibilities.

Connecting Addiction and Trauma

If you’re looking for the best mental health facilities in NC, it’s possible that you have a loved one that suffered a trauma. Trauma and addiction often go together. This connection is generally because some people will try to cope with a traumatic experience by relying on addictive substances. Trauma treatment can help the person learn productive ways of dealing with the event they experienced.

One of the Best Mental Health Facilities in NC

Locating the best mental health facilities in NC doesn’t have to be difficult. Many types of men’s mental health programs are available. Red Oak Recovery® is a treatment center that offers a unique hybrid program in Asheville, NC. The staff at Red Oak provide clinical, organic, and experiential programs to fit the needs of everyone. Don’t remain a victim of the hardships associated with addiction. One of the best mental health facilities in NC is here to help. Call Red Oak Recovery® at 866-457-7590 to get started on the path to recovery.