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The Best Rehab Centers for Young Adults

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The Best Rehab Centers for Young Adults

Addiction treatment should never take a one-size-fits-all approach. Different people require a change in how to approach treatment. Treatment should change to include treating men and women differently, as well as understanding the best ways to help older adults vs. younger ones. The best rehab centers for young adults specialize in caring for this age group to ensure their clients receive the most appropriate treatment.

If you or a loved one is looking for a young adult rehab center in North Carolina, Red Oak Recovery® offers a specialized program for young adults ages 18-26. Our treatment plan focuses on the unique challenges that this age group faces, such as transitioning into adulthood and navigating new independence while also addressing substance use disorder issues. At Red Oak Recovery®, we are committed to providing individualized care through all levels of treatment. Contact us at 866.457.7590 to learn more about our rehab center for young men.

Recognizing the Need for Treatment

Experimenting with drugs and alcohol is common among teens and young adults. For many people, this phase eventually ends as they move into adulthood and more responsibility. Some, however, continue drinking heavily or using.

Unlike someone who’s struggled with addiction for a long time, a young adult probably doesn’t believe they have much to lose. They don’t have a long-term career to worry about. They’re also not watching a marriage fall apart. Therefore, they might be more reluctant even to recognize they have a problem. Sometimes, loved ones will hold an intervention. Other times, a DUI or other crisis provides a wake-up call.

Signs someone needs treatment include:

  • Experiencing negative consequences due to drug or alcohol use, such as a DUI or legal trouble
  • Frequent blackouts and memory loss
  • Increasing tolerance and needing more substance to feel the effects
  • Prior attempts at quitting have failed
  • Missing work or school because of substance use-Isolating from friends and family
  • Relationship troubles and decreased interest in hobbies or activities once enjoyed

When a person is battling drug and alcohol dependency, they have little time for other things. The best rehab centers for young adults not only treat the addiction but also teach valuable life skills their clients may lack. This includes money management and decision-making. Clients will work on interpersonal skills to help them interact with others and learn to be self-sufficient.

What the Best Rehab Centers for Young Adults Understand About Effective Treatment Experiences

Being in an age-specific rehab benefits young adults because they interact with their peers. They can express their fears and anxieties about school, family, and personal relationships. Because they feel relaxed and comfortable in such an environment, they’re more likely to participate in the program.

Relating with peers is essential, but so is relating to family members. Loved ones who watch users struggle with addiction feel a range of emotions, ranging from confusion and sadness to anger and frustration. You may feel like your entire family is being torn apart due to substance use.

A substantial family therapy program is vital for healing rifts and repairing bonds. Red Oak Recovery® offers a drug rehab program in Asheville, NC, focused exclusively on young adults.

In rehab, young adults need:

  • A comfortable, age-appropriate environment
  • Individualized treatment
  • Life skills education
  • A strong family therapy program

Many disorders, addictions, and behaviors can be treated in a young adult rehab.

What Is Treated in Young Adult Rehab?

Our team of professionals recognized the need for developmentally specific treatment for young adults. We saw the gaps in effective care for this age group and sought to fill them. Our focus is only on young adults and their emotional and developmental needs as they work through recovery.

Our treatment programs include the following:

Getting professional help for a young adult in your life can be stressful and may feel draining, but healing is possible. Learn more about your support options by reaching out for more information.

Find Specialized Care for Young Adults at Red Oak Recovery®

On your quest to find the best rehab centers for young adults, consider Red Oak Recovery® if you or a loved one needs help overcoming addiction. Contact us at 866.457.7590 or via our online form for more information. Take the first step toward recovery today.