With our vast team of clinical technicians, we have a lot of help identifying, diagnosing, and properly treating mental illnesses and types of addiction. Many have decades of experience in the substance abuse industry and experiential qualifications, as well, which is comforting for users who feel shame and need support, advocacy, and inspiration from peers.

Mac Marett

Shift Supervisor

Clinical Technicians: Mac MarettMac grew up with a fishing rod in his hand in the mountains of Eastern Tennessee. After breaking his cycle of addiction and recovering from cancer, Mac found solace as he reacquainted himself with his passion for trout fishing.

Mac comes to Red Oak after 15 years of being a professional fly fishing guide at various outfitters in Western North Carolina. Mac is a licensed fly fishing guide in North Carolina and a Master Fly Tier. He studied Southern Literature under James Dickey at the University of South Carolina. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his cat, studying string theory and quantum mechanics, and chasing musky and brook trout throughout the Southern Appalachians.
Jay Schoon

Jay Schoon

Clinical Technician

Clinical Technicians: Jay SchoonJay holds a B.A. in Philosophy and certificate degrees in Outdoor Leadership and Wilderness Therapy from Southwestern Community College. He has also graduated with a mountaineering degree from the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) in Lander, WY. He is certified as a First Responder and a former WEMT. In addition, he is a Master Educator for the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics (LNT) and has taught at the community college level. He enjoys sharing his skills and passions with others on the path to awareness, connection, and personal growth. Jay is grateful for the opportunity to serve the clients at Red Oak.

Jay enjoys spending time with his wife and dogs at their agrarian homestead in the country, where they raise poultry, have an extensive garden, run a manufacturing sewing shop, and care for dogs that visit their dog hostel. His hobbies are bicycling, fishing, reading, and making tasty salsas.

Chelsea Fulcher, CSAC-I

Clinical Technician

Clinical Technician: Chelsea FulcherChelsea was born and raised in the foothills of South Carolina. She has a B.A. from the College of Charleston and has resided in Asheville since graduating in 2014. Through experiencing the benefits of Wilderness Therapy first hand, Chelsea comes to Red Oak with a desire to be help others find their own path towards healing. Chelsea has a passion for art, music, yoga, and most things outdoors. She enjoys traveling whenever given the opportunity and exploring different cultures.

Angela Saunders

Clinical Technician, The Willows at Red Oak Recovery®

Clinical Technicians: Angela SaundersAngela was born and raised in Morganton, NC, and attended Appalachian State University in Boone, NC. She has also lived in Telluride, CO before returning to her home state, where she now resides in beautiful Asheville, NC. Angela has worked in hospitality, landscaping, adventure guiding, and wilderness outfitting, and has honed her skills into one energetic package to do what she loves – helping people discover the beauty of nature and its healing aspects. Angela has personal and family experience with recovery from substance abuse, and knows how important it is to have resources and a strong community to help others find a health way of living. Angela offers her compassion and understanding for those finding their way, and as well as her active listening and problem solving support. Angela also has a strong love and excitement for nature and being outdoors, and is passionate about sharing her expertise with others so that they too can share this love. She is grateful to be a part of the Red Oak Recovery® community, and feels she has learned so much love and grown stronger in herself from being a part. In her down time, Angela loves to backpack, hike, do yoga, snowboard and ski, run rivers, swim, and spend time with her own strong community. She’s up for just about any adventure, and can often be found outside her comfort zone trying new things.

Stencil Coffey

Clinical Technician, The Willows at Red Oak Recovery®

Clinical Technicians: Stencil CoffeyStencil was born in Michigan but moved to the mountains of Western North Carolina at a young age. He has explored and lived in many different countries and regions, and for a number of reasons, now considers Asheville his home. Growing up, he personally struggled with addiction, as did most of his family. These experiences with addiction, and his subsequent recovery, as well as his years living in other countries and places have given him unique tools and perspectives to be a clinical technician at Red Oak. His specific talents include the ability to relate with others from various backgrounds and to share his journey in order to encourage and support clients, especially new clients coming into Red Oak. In his free time, Stencil enjoys a good game of disc golf as well as almost any other outdoor sport or activity.

Kallie Brown

Shift Supervisor, The Willows at Red Oak Recovery®, CSAC-I

Clinical Technicians: Kallie BrownKallie grew up in Asheville, North Carolina where she discovered a love for the outdoors. Before coming to Red Oak Recovery®, Kallie worked at SUWS of the Carolinas and Phoenix Outdoor during the summer seasons. Kallie has a Bachelor’s in Psychology from UNC Asheville. She has several years of personal experience with addiction and the recovery process. She believes in serving others through addiction treatment programs as a way of giving back and has a passion for the work she does with our clients. “I believe in the awe-inspiring power of nature and the healing that it can offer the wounded individuals that find their way to Red Oak.”


In other areas of her life Kallie pursues the study of indigenous ceremony and modes of healing as well as offering her services as a birth Doula. In her free time Kallie enjoys hiking, swimming, arts and crafts, yoga, dance, and travel.

Spencer Morrison

Clinical Technician

Clinical Technicians: Spencer MorrisonSpencer was born and raised in Virginia Beach, VA. He realized at a young age that he got pleasure out of doing things he knew wasn’t allowed, which led him to the comfort in substances. He left the boy scouts because partying was more important. It wasn’t until 12 years later, with a heavy narcotic addiction, that he was able to honestly try to get sober for himself. He went to a wilderness program in WNC and attended an aftercare program in Asheville. It was there he started to fall in love with the city, to parallel the love he already had for the mountains. He worked the 12 steps of recovery, and learned the importance of helping others as he had been helped.

Jimmy Bechand

Clinical Technician

Clinical Technicians: Jimmy BechandJimmy is from New York originally, and moved to Asheville in 2013. He graduated from UNCA in 2016 with a degree in Political Science. He hopes to bring positivity and leadership to Red Oak. In his free time, he enjoys playing basketball, hanging out with his dog, snowboarding and hiking.

Jeff Spiteri

Clinical Technician, The Willows at Red Oak Recovery®

Clinical Technicians: Jeff SpiteriJeff Spiteri is a native of the northern Detroit suburbs and after high school set out to travel the country. He has lived in California working on an organic vineyard and farm, worked in southern Colorado building trails and has been in Asheville for the past 7 years. Drawing from his own life experience and healing journey he brings perspective, compassion and intuition.

In his free time he enjoys playing soccer, cycling, meditation, yoga and qigong.

Preston Harris

Clinical Technician

Clinical Technicians: Preston HarrisPreston Harris is from a small town Nebo, NC and moved to Asheville around 2004 where he calls home. Over the last 7 years he has worked in a multitude of restaurant jobs and is excited to be part of the Clinical Tech team at Red Oak.

In his free time he loves many outdoor activities like fishing, hiking, playing the guitar and having the occasional hop on the old skateboard.

Jessie Butler

Shift Supervisor

Clinical Technicians: Jessie ButlerJessie was born and raised in Winston-Salem, NC. She has a degree from Virginia Tech in Human Development. After working at an intensive out-patient rehab program and a summer camp throughout college, she realized mixing aspects of the two would be a great start to her career. She brings a love for people, the outdoors, and the belief that everyone should share their sacred story. Jessie has two cute rescue dogs, loves to read horoscopes, and always starts her day with a cup of coffee.

Deanna Cappelmann

Clinical Technician, The Willows at Red Oak Recovery®

Clinical Technicians: Deanna CappelmannDeanna is originally from Florida and has lived in Asheville for six years. She has worked in health care for over 20 years. Deanna’s husband is a recovering alcoholic and has been sober for seven years. She has a lot of respect for him for being so strong and dedicated to his recovery. She knows that her love of caring for others along with understanding the journey to recovery will make her a compassionate and understanding Clinical Technician at The Willows. While Deanna’s husband is the chef in the family, through him, she has become a very good cook and hopes to have the opportunity to share some of her creations in the kitchen with staff and clients.

Kayla Weddington

Clinical Technician, The Willows at Red Oak Recovery®

Clinical Technicians: Kayla WeddingtonKayla is from Charlotte and has a degree in Marketing and Business Administration from Western Carolina University. She has always been extremely interested in counseling and substance abuse and believes in taking it “one day at a time”. Kayla’s goal at Red Oak is to inspire clients to love life and provide hope for the future. In her free time Kayla enjoys soccer, hiking, and kayaking.

Michael Lovejoy

Clinical Technician

Clinical Technicians: Michael LovejoyMichael grew up in Charlotte, NC and lived there for 21 years. He enjoyed camping and spending time with his family in the woods until he starting using drugs in middle school. He spent the next several years in and out of treatment centers and halfway houses working on his recovery. In January 2015 he entered his last treatment center and moved to Asheville. Here he rediscovered his love for the outdoors, he is active in AA and has worked the steps with a sponsor. Working through his own recovery led to the discovery that he enjoys helping others realize that being clean and sober can be fun and rewarding too.

Alix Doddridge

Shift Supervisor, The Willows at Red Oak Recovery®

Clinical Technicians: Alex DoddridgeAlix moved to Asheville from Miami, FL. She received a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology & Psychology from Florida International University. She worked at The Everglades Correctional Institute and led programs with wonderful clients that she will miss.

Alix has a positive and happy energy and loves working with people. She enjoys nature and the outdoors and is very accepting of others. In her free time Alix enjoys pottery, yoga, painting, and trying new things.

Lara Creightmore

Clinical Technician, The Willows at Red Oak Recovery®

Clinical Technicians: Lara CreightmoreLara grew up on the outskirts of London, England, and has lived in Asheville for the past seven years. She has worked at a yoga studio and a women’s sober living home before beginning at Red Oak Recovery. Lara knows first-hand that the world of addiction is threatening and unstable – but when each step into a life of recovery is inspired and supported, one can begin to see the world as a safe place, in which to operate with integrity, mindfulness and courage. Lara strives to meet clients where they are on their journey, with unyielding and tender support.

Lara is equally invigorated by solitude in nature, and stimulating connection and community. She loves art, cooking, word games and gardening.

Lueann Coleman

Clinical Technician, The Willows at Red Oak Recovery®

Clinical Technicians: Lueann ColemanLueann is originally from Kentucky. She holds a B.S. in Psychology from Murray State University. Her first job out of college was at a wilderness program for adolescent males in state custody. There she discovered the therapeutic benefits of experiential learning and the wilderness philosophy. She has also worked for ten years as a counselor and advocate for women and children experiencing power based interpersonal violence giving her a unique perspective on trauma informed care.

Two years sober, and feeling she has come full circle, Lueann is happy to share her experience, strength and hope with others. She enjoys being back in nature, spending time with friends and family and snuggling with her cat Henry.

Marley Brooks

Clinical Technician

Clinical Technicians: Marley BrooksMarley grew up in Upstate New York where she often spent time hiking the national forests and exploring the gorges throughout the area. She moved to western North Carolina where she began attending Western Carolina University, graduating with a degree in Psychology, and minoring in Parks and Recreation. It is at WCU she found opportunities to combine her passion for the outdoors and desire to work in the mental health field. This led her to North Carolina Outward Bound’s At Risk programs in Key Largo, Florida where she worked as a wilderness instructor taking at-risk youth from Miami into the Everglades for 20 day expeditions.

Marley believes that the natural beauty and quiet of being in the wilderness is inherently healing and promotes self-growth and reflection. Her passion is to use a holistic approach of nature, self-reflection, and support to help individuals face their struggles and walk their journey throughout this life. Marley loves to backpack, attend live music shows and cook delicious food in her spare time.

Becky Kluge

Clinical Technician, The Willows at Red Oak Recovery®

Clinical Technicians: Becky KlugeBecky Kluge comes to The Willows having spent most of her professional years working as an experiential educator or staff manager in various outdoor settings including two Outward Bound Schools, The Nantahala Outdoor Center of NC, Woodson Wilderness Challenge (an experiential therapeutic 5-week program for adjudicated youth), and most recently as a language arts teacher of 5th graders in a local charter school. A side focus has been facilitating team building for corporate and university groups via day-long experiences that use initiatives and high and low ropes courses to promote discovery. She leads a weekly all girls afterschool program that teaches outdoor skills and leadership. She grew up on a communal farm in southern Maryland, but has called Asheville her home for over twenty years.

Becky brings group facilitation skills, experience as a team player, confidence and optimism, and a commitment to doing meaningful work that promotes growth in others. Her personal journey, compassion for others, and enthusiasm for life contribute to the positive outlook she brings to The Willows.

Parenting a step-daughter for over 20 years, as well as her 15 year old son and 12 year old daughter, has given her first-hand experience understanding family dynamics and the challenges inherent in human relationships. Supporting young adults on their personal journeys has been a notable passion, so as a Clinical Technician at the Willows, Becky brings energy and empathy to the clients on their paths to well-being.

Whether vegetable gardening, paddling kayak on big whitewater, or going for a day hike on the trail behind her house, Becky loves being in nature on some kind of adventure, especially with others. She has traveled abroad competing in adventure endurance team races, speaks French and Spanish, sings with a women’s barbershop chorus, practices yoga, and loves to make yummy food in her kitchen.

Eli Wayne, CSAC-I

Clinical Technician

Clinical Technicians: Eli WayneEli grew up in rural PA where he developed a deep and spiritual connection to the natural world at an early age. He has spent much of his life out-of-doors, recreationally, first hunting, fishing and camping in PA, hiking on the Pacific Crest Trail through Oregon; as well as occupationally, working as a forester, crew leader for a landscaping company, then as President of a sustainable landscaping and construction company he founded while living in the high desert of New Mexico in his mid-20’s.

Now settled in Asheville, he is passionate about working with people in recovery. His own experiences with substance abuse and recovery provide him with a unique perspective and ability to help others. Eli is also a musician and facilitates 2 weekly music therapy groups at Red Oak.

Dylan Darden

Clinical Technician

Clinical Technicians: Dylan DardenDylan was born and raised in Lexington, South Carolina. Moving to Asheville in 2013 Dylan decided it was time to get sober after years in treatment facilities. He brings over 3 years of sobriety, awareness and compassion. In his free time he enjoys live music, golf and seeing family.

Maddie Wikstrom

Clinical Technician, The Willows at Red Oak Recovery®

Clinical Technicians: Maddie WickstromMaddie is a transplant from Saint Paul, Minnesota, who moved to North Carolina in June of 2016. She is currently a student at Southwestern Community College and is in the process of completing her degree in Outdoor Leadership and Wilderness Therapy, and will then go on to complete her Bachelors in Psychology in 2018.

Maddie brings a new and fresh perspective and thought process to everyone she meets. She is relatable, understanding and easy to talk to, and is always there to listen. Maddie’s passion for wanting to help and care for people is mixed with the goal of wanting to build individuals up to help them become the strongest, independent and best versions of themselves that they possibly can be.

Maddie loves to spread her passions of outdoor endeavors to those who are willing to try; she loves everything that has anything to do with being outside! From fishing, hunting, and hiking to camping, mountain biking, rafting, and just all around adventuring and exploring. Maddie loves to teach people new things. She also loves photography, art, writing and poetry, and finds her most inner peace when she is in the wilderness or by an ocean. Maddie’s life has been molded and created by the woods and the water, and has ultimately been changed for the better, with new perspective and understanding since having moved down south because of the wilderness that surrounds her every day.

Daniel Csizmadia

Clinical Technician

Clinical Technicians: Daniel CsizmadiaDaniel Csizmadia is from Greenville, South Carolina and moved to Western North Carolina in 2012. Since graduating from Western Carolina University with a degree in Parks and Recreation Management, Daniel has worked as an outdoor instructor around the Southern Appalachian mountains as well as Australia.

He has a fervent attitude for promoting growth in others by connecting them to natural resources and helping them spend time outdoors. Daniel believes that recreating outside promotes healing, interpersonal growth, and self-reflection among many other positive benefits.
In Daniel’s free time he enjoys playing music, watching his favorite bands perform, traveling, and recreating outdoors.

Brittany Hall

Clinical Technician, The Willows at Red Oak Recovery®

Brittany Hall is from Winston-Salem, NC, and has lived in Asheville for the past 3 years. She has a Bachelor’s Degree from Montreat College in Human Services and Psychology. Brittany has worked with men and women in substance abuse from adolescents to older adults. She is currently working towards her Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Montreat’s College’s campus in Asheville. Brittany has a strong desire to help others at any point in their lives and has a strong listening ear. She loves to be lying in a hammock, reading a good book, doing yoga, swimming, or drinking tea.

Zachary Kerr

Clinical Technician

Zack was born and raised in North Carolina. In his childhood, he found himself exploring the marshland that surrounded his home; from watching the lizards in his family’s greenhouse to playing with the seven family dogs, Zack has always revered nature and the creatures that call it home. Despite having a deep connection to the world around him, he struggled to feel positive about himself and connecting with others was always scary.

Drugs and alcohol were his only means of coping for years. The brightness of his character grew dim and his goals fell to the wayside amidst his struggle. It wasn’t until he found himself in wilderness treatment that he began to heal and reawaken to the joys of living. After graduating, Zack dedicated his time and energy into making a home of the recovery community in Asheville and helping others to recover.

He is in a sincere place where self-care and helping others go hand-in-hand. Being familiar with the discomfort and vulnerability that comes with the early stages of trying to live sober, he is excited to support the clients at Red Oak in giving themselves over to an experience that can lead to a new beginning.

Carson Evans

Clinical Technician

Carson grew up in Columbia, SC and traveled to the mountains of Western North Carolina as often as possible. Always drawn to the mountains and their healing benefits, Carson moved to Western North Carolina in 2012 to attend Western Carolina University. She graduated with degrees in Marketing and Business Law, and has worked as a backcountry trip leader in Colorado.

Carson brings a background in team building and leadership, and always maintains a positive attitude. While her education is in business, Carson spent most of her spare time and professional time in the outdoors, sharing her love whenever she could. She has a passion for sharing her love of the outdoors and the healing powers she has experienced. In her free time, Carson is usually backpacking, mountain biking, or on the water.

Lauren Price

Clinical Technician, The Willows at Red Oak Recovery®

After spending several years in the recovery community of South Florida, Lauren relocated to North Carolina to be closer to family and friends, and to reconnect with the healing power of the Blue Ridge Mountains. After struggling with her own addiction for many years, Lauren devotes much of her life to the program of recovery, as a way to repay her debt to the solution that saved her.

Having a Bachelors in Psychology from Old Dominion University, and experience working in the substance abuse field in Florida, Lauren has seen first-hand the devastation that addiction can cause, and the strength that can come from recovery. She embraces the idea that addiction can be a family issue, as one person’s suffering can create a ripple effect that touches everyone who loves them. As a result, she finds value in taking the time to get to know people beyond their addiction, and hopes to help people discover the things that make their hearts shine.

In her free time, you can find her hanging out with her pup, Maxine – doing yoga, weightlifting, perusing record stores, attending concerts, traveling, reading, and finding joy in the little things.

Steven Berbec

Clinical Technician

Steven, originally from Ontario, Canada spent most of his life growing up in Conover, North Carolina. After high school he was a tile installer until his move to Seattle, Washington. There, he was exposed to the coffee culture and the world of therapy. During his time in Seattle, he attended classes at the Seattle School of Theology and Psychology where he would be marked by the healing that goes on in therapy. His exposure to the coffee culture in the West led to the discovery of Direct Trade and the entanglement with the injustices still prevalent, which, later provoked a move to Moshi, Tanzania. For two years Steven spent time learning about the land, culture and the people. When he returned to the States in 2017, he sought out to find a community of healing—Red Oak Recovery was such a place. His love and intention for humanity will help clients encounter the power of their story and the hope and healing it can bring to the world.

Usually you will find Steven in a coffee shop reading and studying text regarding language, writing and phenomenology. He also enjoys learning about Herbalism and other holistic practices regarding mental and physical health.

Sarah Yontz

Clinical Technician, The Willows at Red Oak Recovery®

Sarah began her career in the arts / design / advertising field after graduating from Appalachian State University with a Graphic Design degree. Sarah enjoyed this field but found herself confined to the 4 walls of an office. In spring of 2015, Sarah was offered a position as a Field Guide at a Wilderness Therapy / Addiction Recovery Program near Asheville, NC. Immediately, Sarah fell in love with wilderness therapy and recovery, she was amazed at the drastic change she noticed in clients from day one compared to day 90. She knew this program was really working to help people. Sarah wanted to learn as much as she could, so she decided to participate in a Wilderness Therapy certificate program at Southwestern Community College. She completed this program in May of 2017. After having reached Senior Level Guide and completing over 2 years of wilderness adventures (over 52 eight day shifts) Sarah thought she was ready for a more regular schedule. Sarah was very excited to have been offered a full time position at the Willows at Red Oak starting in August 2017. She is excited to continue to be a part of helping others change their lives. She hopes her experience with recovery, wilderness therapy, and the arts will make her a valuable member of the Red Oak Team.

Trevor Hunter

Clinical Technician

Trevor is an Asheville native and has spent most of his life in the Appalachian mountains of western North Carolina. He spent a lot of his time growing up hiking, camping, and rock climbing in North Carolina and Tennessee.

He is an Eagle Scout and received the Outstanding Senior award in High School. Although he has moved around, he has always found himself returning to Asheville his hometown. Trevor is studying film and spends time outside of work creating music videos and short films.

He struggled with addiction and alcoholism for years and started at a very early age. In his early years of college at Guilford he also struggled with mental illness. At the age of 23 he found sobriety and has been working a twelve step program since he was given the gift of being sober January 6th, 2014.

Trevor is working in the field of recovery to better understand Alcoholism and help others. It is a profession that he believes is his purpose. He will always have a passion for the arts and film making, but has found another passion in clinical work with substance addiction and mental illness.

Matthew Baker

Clinical Technician

Matthew was born and raised in the hills of North Carolina where he found his love for the outdoors and value for Wilderness.

Matthew comes to Red Oak with work experiences in Wilderness Therapy as a Field Guide, and Wilderness Conservation as a Trail Crew member throughout the Southern Appalachian Mountains. He brings with him his knowledge and skills of backcountry guiding, primitive fire building, Wilderness safety, and a desire to help others.

In his free time, Matthew enjoys backpacking and hiking, disc golf, playing with dogs, and photographing his adventures along the way!