No matter what substance you’re addicted to, substance use takes your life and turns it upside down. Addiction causes complications with your health, leading to severe medical conditions. Furthermore, it can make it impossible to keep a job and tear down relationships with your friends and family. Fortunately, however, when you decide to seek addiction treatment, a reliable treatment program can give you the tools to take your life back from addiction. Red Oak Recovery’s men’s treatment center provides the exceptional treatment that you need. As a result, if you’re searching for a men’s rehab program in Buckhead, GA, a quick drive north to North Carolina might be a better choice. To learn about the advantages of our men’s rehab center, contact Red Oak Recovery today at 828.382.9699

Why Shouldn’t I Attend a Men’s Rehab Program in Buckhead, GA?a man talks to a therapist about attending red oak recovery instead of a mens rehab program in buckhead ga

According to estimates from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, close to 53.2 million people use illicit substances each year. Of that number, nearly 8.1 million end up with a substance use disorder, more commonly known as addiction. If you believe you or a loved one is suffering from addiction, getting treatment is vital. That said, at times, entering an addiction treatment center in your hometown isn’t enough to help you end addiction. In some cases, having the same scenery and nightlife surround, you can trigger cravings and relapse. As a result, recovering at home is challenging. However, when you go out of town to recover from addiction, you won’t face these triggers. Instead, you’ll encounter new surroundings, new people, and new situations, giving you a higher likelihood of recovery. 

Furthermore, attending an out of state treatment center is more private and confidential than an in-state option. Many people do not want to seek addiction treatment because of the stigma surrounding addiction. If you have managed to keep a good job, take part in your child’s afterschool activities, or volunteer your time, broadcasting that you need treatment for addiction can seem daunting. A local men’s rehab program in Buckhead, GA may open you up to more scrutiny than you’d like. However, an out-of-state treatment program gives you the privacy and anonymity you want.  

The Advantages of a Men’s Addiction Treatment Program

Another advantage of going out of town for your recovery is our gender-specific treatment programs. Men and women have different experiences when it comes to addiction. There are significant differences in the substances they use, the reasons they turn to substances, and how quickly dependence occurs. At Red Oak Recovery, we understand these differences. We also appreciate the benefits of gender-specific treatment, such as:

  • Specialized treatment for the unique issues men face physiologically, emotionally, and relationally
  • A more comfortable environment that creates a sense of trust and communication among the men in the program
  • Less tension and distractions in comparison to mixed-gender treatment programs
  • Supportive men’s therapy programs inspire open discussion about the cultural and social pressures that resulted in the use of substances
  • More focus on men’s issues, so men concentrate on unique challenges they face and can concentrate on concrete solutions

A men’s rehab program in Buckhead, GA may not grasp these unique challenges, preventing healing and recovery. 

Get Treatment at Red Oak Recovery

A men’s rehab program in Buckhead, GA cannot provide you with all of the benefits that our gorgeous North Carolina treatment center can offer you. Red Oak Recovery specializes in gender-specific addiction and mental health treatment, giving you the best possible chance at long-term recovery. Our men’s treatment programs include:

To learn more about the advantages of our men’s treatment program, contact Red Oak Recovery today at 828.382.9699