A woman considers enrolling in a residential treatment centerFinding the perfect facility to begin treatment is more important than you might think. Our residential treatment center at Red Oak Recovery® has the amenities, activities, and programs to help you overcome any adversity during the recovery process.

The atmosphere around you can promote both positive and negative outcomes in recovery. In this case, not every facility will suite your specific needs and interests.

We offer gender-specific campuses with an outdoor wilderness focus. With two locations in Leicester, North Carolina, you can dive into the recovery process in a safe, private, and unique environment.

Residential Treatment Center Benefits

Making the decision to admit yourself into an inpatient program is the first step to a successful recovery. Inpatient rehab includes around the clock care with proven and effective treatment.

Every residential treatment center is different from the next and our campuses give you an atmosphere like you have never seen before. With stunning views and spacious living areas, you’ll have the comfort you want to enter rehab and recovery with confidence.

Our inpatient programs include:

The activities at Red Oak Recovery® are unique and provide a peaceful and eye-opening experience.

Men’s Campus

The men’s campus at Red Oak Recovery® includes numerous activities that you can’t find anywhere else. From hiking and kayaking to our ropes course and wall climbing, we provide eco-therapy and adventure to help you through the process of rehabilitation and recovery with a little bit of fun.

You will develop skills through training and specific treatments that will help you remain sober throughout your life. Additionally, you’ll learn to enjoy your newfound sober lifestyle.

Women’s Campus

Our elegant and peaceful women’s campus, known as The Willows at Red Oak Recovery®, has various amenities that are in place to promote a healthy and successful rehab experience. This 16-bed facility includes open lounge areas, an amazing dining room, a gym, and activities such as horseback riding.

Our 38-acre campus is spiritually uplifting, as well as clinically superior. With a holistic approach, you will gain understanding about addiction and develop your mind, body, and soul during treatment.

Red Oak Recovery® is Here For You

We’ll help you reach beyond your limitations and empower you to overcome your addiction. By expanding your life and addressing every aspect of your substance abuse, we can help you develop recovery techniques and a plan for your future.

This type of whole-body healing offers the latest and greatest addiction treatments in the field today. Do you want to change your life for the better at our residential treatment center? Take back control of your life today and begin your journey to a healthy life!

Call us now at 866-457-7590 to learn more about Red Oak Recovery®.