couple in need of the services from inpatient mental health facilities in NCMental health concerns often accompany substance abuse and addiction problems. The presence of multiple issues calls for a creative and intensive treatment plan that can offer long-term success. Inpatient mental health facilities provide in-depth treatment protocols that can give your entire household relief from troubling problems.

When Mental Health Conditions and Addiction Come Together

A dual-diagnosis is a frightening event that many families face. If this problem has touched your life, you may be learning about inpatient mental health facilities in NC. The effects of a mental illness combined with an addiction can reach virtually all aspects of life. For some people, an addiction begins when they start using addictive substances to cope with a mental illness. For others, the development of mental illness may follow on the heels of an addiction. Inpatient mental health facilities offer tried and true techniques, no matter which problem came first.

Signs of a Mental Illness

Inpatient mental health facilities in NC abound to provide you with the help your family requires. To get this help, you’ll need to recognize the signs of possible mental illness. Keep in mind the following clues:

  • Feelings of worthlessness
  • Overpowering depression or anxiety
  • Withdrawal and isolation
  • Impaired thinking
  • Problems eating or sleeping

These are just a few common signs that can connect with mental illnesses. If you recognize the signs above in a loved one, seek care from quality inpatient mental health facilities right away.

Benefits of Inpatient Mental Health Facilities in NC

Inpatient mental health facilities in NC could provide you and your family with the following benefits:

  • Reduced distractions– Leaving the world behind to focus entirely on healing can be compelling.
  • Access to an exchange of ideas– Inpatient facilities utilize group therapies that allow for encouraging ideas and experiences to be shared with others facing similar struggles.
  • Relationships with others– Clients learn trust-building and communication skills that can later apply to real-life situations. These skills often lead to happier and healthier relationships.
  • Coping skills– Recognizing triggers for substance abuse, healthily dealing with stress, and other vital coping skills will occur in an inpatient setting.

Signs of Superior Mental Health Facilities

How do you find excellent inpatient mental health facilities? It is always wise to pay careful attention to the success record of a facility you are considering. You will be comforted in knowing you’re in good hands if your treatment center has years of quality experience behind their name. Additionally, centers that use a holistic healing approach to care are often more in tune with ways to make the treatment process more comfortable.

Supporting a Loved One Experiencing Challenges

Watching a family member struggle with a mental illness or addiction can be heartbreaking. If an adolescent is involved, young adult rehab programs can provide structured support for the needs of that age group. A high-quality family program can target the problem areas of each family member, helping the entire household run more smoothly.

Red Oak Recovery®

Red Oak Recovery® is a skilled and reliable addiction rehabilitation center in the Asheville, NC area. We provide valuable relief from mental health and addiction issues through a creative hybrid program. Great care is also taken to offer advanced treatment options in a compassionate setting that allows for maximum comfort.

You don’t have to allow fear of getting professional treatment stop you from searching for inpatient mental health facilities. With the right treatment tools from the ideal facility, you can overcome the most challenging obstacles to your long-term success. Call Red Oak Recovery® at 866-457-7590 to find the perfect treatment plan for your needs.