Heroin is a popular opioid used across the United States. Contrary to popular belief, people from all walks of life may struggle with heroin use. Unfortunately, we are in an opioid epidemic. At Red Oak Recovery®, our holistic drug addiction programs for young men help clients heal from heroin and other opioids to prevent relapse, overdose, and heroin-related deaths.

If you or a young man in your life is struggling with heroin and opioid use, call Red Oak Recovery® now. Our Asheville treatment center provides men ages 18-30 a range of holistic treatments for heroin addiction. Call us now at 828.382.9699 to learn more about heroin rehab in North Carolina.

What Is Heroin?a therapist talks to a man at a heroin addiction treatment program

Heroin is a semi-synthetic opioid. Opioids come from the opium poppy and are famous for their intense painkiller effects and temporary euphoria. As a result, they are often a popular choice for pain management, post-op, and general surgery. Heroin, however, is an illicit street drug. This means that users do not know what heroin they take is made of or what it might contain, which can increase the chance of addiction, overdose, and death.

People commonly smoke or inject heroin. Once heroin enters the bloodstream, it converts to morphine, which provides immediate pain relief and euphoria by releasing dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is the chemical responsible for feelings of joy and pleasure. It is also the chemical associated with reward. Most times, drugs like heroin deplete the natural production of dopamine, leading to withdrawal and dependence. When someone becomes dependent on heroin, they need to use it every 6-12 hours to avoid withdrawal symptoms.

Heroin Withdrawal

Opioids like heroin can be difficult to stop using because they alter a person’s brain. When someone stops using heroin, they experience intense withdrawal symptoms, which some people call dope sickness. During this time, the brain sends messages to the body that it will die without more heroin. This is a natural survival instinct that makes quitting heroin cold turkey dangerous. Symptoms of heroin withdrawal include:

  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Anger
  • Reckless behavior
  • Paranoia
  • Hallucinations or delusions
  • Changes in sleep habits and appetite
  • Increased alcohol consumption

During withdrawal, willpower is not enough to keep someone from using more heroin or other drugs. People can become a danger to themselves or others. Therefore, the safest and most effective way to stop using heroin is an addiction treatment program like Red Oak Recovery®’s holistic heroin rehab program.

Holistic Heroin Rehab in Asheville, North Carolina

At Red Oak Recovery®, we provide young men with a holistic approach to heroin recovery. Our staff combines therapy techniques and the wilderness of North Carolina for experiential healing. Studies show that combining traditional behavioral therapies with wilderness therapy, clients build resilience, strengthen their mind-body connection, and experience fewer drug cravings.

Red Oak Recovery® also believes the most effective heroin rehab comes from dual diagnosis treatment. That is why our clients receive comprehensive evaluations, diagnoses, and treatment for co-occurring disorders. Whether someone comes to Red Oak with undiagnosed or misdiagnosed mood disorders, our therapy programs can provide the proper treatment for them.

Our family therapy program helps clients reconnect with loved ones and build strong communication for long-term sobriety. At Red Oak Recovery®, family support is integral to addiction recovery. That’s why our family therapy programs provide comprehensive behavioral therapy for the whole family. Together, families can recover from heroin use and understand how addiction and mood disorders affect relationships, family dynamics, and overall well being.

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